Tony Grunt

Tony is one of The Brothers Grunt. He, along with four of his brothers, Frank, Bing, Dean, and Sammy search for Perry.


Tony seems to be the brother that gets in trouble the most. From having his veins stolen, to being in a wrestling match in Mexico, Tony has been through it all.

Physical DescriptionEdit

Tony has the odd feature of having to always looking up. In Paging Doctor Grunt, it is revealed that his neck is the cause of this problem. Tony has a light grey ponytail. Tony is at normal hight for a grunt, and is fairly scrawny. He has bulging red veins, large yellow eyes, and rubbery skin. We wears black and white shoes and wears purple underwear with red dots.


He was being initiated into the Brotherhood of Grunt when Perry was named the chosen one and flead. He and his brothers were tasked to find him.


  • Tony's voice is much more distinct than the other grunts. His voice mostly consists of deep growls and belching sounds.
    • Tony in "Cream Style Tony"
    • Tony in the opening
    • Tony with his brothers