Shadow Thief
The Shady Thief is the unnamed thief who stole Tony 's veins.

Description Edit

The thief appears to be very sly and cunning seeing as he took Tony's veins without causing Tony noticing it (initially that is.) He may also be somewhat of an egotist as he claims to be "the man", "Number #1" and "A-One-Chicago".

Physical Description Edit

The thief is rat-like in appearance. He has glowing red eyes, sharp claws, sharp teeth, wears a blue/grey trenchcoat and a gangster hat, and he is completely hidden in shadow. He is of normal height (slightly taller than Tony ).

Trivia Edit

  • It's not clear why he wanted Tony's veins, though he probably just wanted to inflict pain on the grunt .
  • He speaks in a New Yorker accent.
  • He appears to live in a sleazy looking hotel.
  • His only appearance was in "They Stole Tony's Veins."