Ringo is the aid to the Gruntus Poobah. He is seen attending to the Poobah's needs, carrying him on his back, providing him with martinis and helping him pick out his clothes.

He seems to be a human and not a Grunt, and does not speak.

In Black Balled Grunt it is revealed the Poobah once took a human child left at his doorstep into the Monastery, and, based on Ringo's suggestion, named him Vince. However Vince refused to live at peace with his brothers, and even tried to have the Gruntus Poobah chased from the Monastery, under the pretense that the Brothers would never eat cheese again. However, he was stopped and thrown out himself by Ringo.

In Grunt Moments in History he is seen pouring out drinks to the Grunts at the newly built Monastery in the presence of the 5th of Kevin, however without the Poobah, who is not seen in the flashback.