Frank is one of the Brothers Grunt. He, along with his brothers, Bing, Sammy, Dean, and Tony  always try to search for thier other brother Perry.


Out of all the grunts that are looking for Perry, Frank seems to take it more seriously than his other brothers by comparison. He will even go to the point of slaping or strangeling his other brothers (mainly Dean) if they are not doing thier job right or have failed to catch him (as shown in "Clean Up in Aisle Grunt"). Jesus.

Physical DescriptionEdit

Frank is slightly over average the hight of a regular grunt and 3rd tallest next to dean and bing. He has shaggy grey hair, yellow eyes, hairy arms, large eyebrows, and has bulging red veins on his neck, back, and chest. He also wears green underwear with yellow stripes and orange spots.


He was being initiated into the Brotherhood of Grunt when Perry was named the chosen one and flead. He and his brothers were tasked to find him.


Frank bites his lower lip with all of his upper teath showing and exhales through his mouth, making a "Fuvvvvvvv" sound.


  • His favorite brother seems to be Sammy
  • His least favorite brother seems to be Dean
  • Frank is the only grunt with a story arc