Dean is one of the Brothers Grunt. He, along with his brothers, Frank, Bing, Sammy, and Tony  always try to search for their other brother Perry.


Dean is a thin Grunt, with a prominent nose and a tight and constipated looking grin. His sounds usually consist of whines, gibberish, and giggles. While his brother Frank is the most serious about locating Perry, Dean has almost no interest whatsoever, even most of the time completely forgetting what he is doing in the first place, thus going on to do something completely unrelated and utterly stupid. Dean seems too be the least intelligent of his brothers and is often oblivious to events going on around him. (though this doesn't stop him from enjoying himself ).


He was being initiated into the Brotherhood of Grunt when Perry was named the chosen one and flead. He and his brothers were tasked to find him.

The series Pilot, The Ceremony, is a flashback to the events from Dean's perspective.