The Monastery

The Brotherhood of Grunt is the place of origion and home of the Grunt Species. It is centered on The Monastery, and houses the Primus Gruntus Maximus, the single male parent of all Grunts. The Monastery was founded by the 5th of Kevin, who, unlike his contemporaries, managed to not fall off the Primux Gruntus Maximus upon hatching, and thereafter founded the Monastery and provided a home for the Primus Gruntus Maximus. The brotherhood is lead by the Gruntus Poobah.

The Brotherhood provides a home for the newborn Grunts, and raises them to maturity. After completing a series of studies and meditations, a Grunt is initiated into the brotherhood with full brotherhood status during the Ceremony.

Acording to the Prophesies in the Pamphlet of Kevin, the Brotherhood will fall without the guidance of the Chosen One.

The Ceremony

As revealed in the episode The Ceremony, the Ceremony is known to consists of

Placing of the Down

The Placing of the Down

  • Annointment with the Salt of Royd to protect from the sins of the flesh
  • Splashing with the Water of Brutus, to protect against embarassing situations and social faux pas.
  • Placing the tablet of recin on the tongue, to keep the brothers' breath fresh
  • The Placing of the Down, whereby the butt of a duck is rubbed against the face of the brothers.

The Brotherhood's main shown activities are the cultivation of cheese for the consumption of the Brothers, and holding the Grump Games.